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Programul în Limba Română, Radio 3zzz 92.3 fm, Melbourne, Australia, 5 Iulie 2014

Realizator Ben Todica

Din program:
Stiri, muzica, anunturi comerciale, comunitare si sport.
Un interviu cu tenismena Simona Halep
Invitatii emisiunii:
Prof Jeff Lavenda si Rev Corin John Izvernariu (despre Kenya, Rwanda si Uganda)

In emisiunea de azi avem bucuria reintoarcerii din Africa a invitatilor nostri de acum cateva luni, Rev. Corin John Izvernariu si Prof. Jeff Lavenda care asa cum au promis vor impartasi din experienta a doua saptamani prin cele trei tari africane, Kenya Rwanda si Uganda unde au fost in misiune de ajutor si schimb cultural. Rev Corin Izvernariu a lecturat in 16 institutii, in care a impartasit din experienta vietii sale de crestin si pastor, a culturii din Romania si Australia.

Un rezumat al misiunii din Africa.


Pastor John Izvernariu and Bro. Jeff Lavenda visited Kenya for mission to East Africa in April/May 2014.  The trip was one of the most memorable visit to Pastor Paul Njenga (Of Estate Victory Christian Churches) who was their host.  The mission planning involved two months of prior planning  and  organizing both for Pastor John and Jeff in Australia and also  Pastor Paul in Kenya.   The mission was fully sponsored by Pastor John and Jeff while Pastor Paul  did the local planning in East Africa.  The mission took 2 weeks from 21st April  2014 to 5th May 2014 in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Pastor John and Jeff set off from home Community Baptist Church in melbowine on 20th April after the Sunday  service and commissioning prayer by the HCBC Elders.  They flew for 26 hours and arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport on Monday 21st April 2014 at 6.00 am.  They were received by the Host Pastor Paul Njenga and Bro Simon Njogu at the Airport.

From the Airport we all thanked God for the safe arrival and drove for the next  3 hrs from Nairobi to Kiganjo (Nyeri) and arrived at Pastor Paul’s House at 11.00 am.

George’s Farewell Prayers
After refreshing and having lunch at Pastor Paul’s house, the team   i.e. Pastor John, Pst. Paul and Jeff  went for the first Mission.  George’s farewell prayers who was going to China on Thursday of  same week for University studies.

First we drove to Nyeri city 15Km from Pastor Paul’s house and met  with Jeff’s mother- Mary Wairimu.  We, together went for the farewell prayers which Pastor John was expected to preside It was such a memorable occasion for George’s parents who organized a big feast of “Nyama Choma” (Barbeque) party. We all ate to the full and then had the prayer session of blessing Bro. George Mathu. Then Jeff and the team drove 40Km to Lavenda springs Academy - Jeff’s Kenyan residence where they stayed during the Kenyan Mission.
Game drive at the Ark
As part of the resting/relaxing from the grueling journey Pastor John went to the Aberdare Country Club (The Ark) – a tourist hotel in the Aberdare National Park for a night and game Drive to view wildlife. Some of the animals in the park include Elephants, giraffes, buffalo, leopard, gazelles and Impala, monkeys, rhino etc. He went to the Ark on the 22nd and left on Wednesday 23rd  April  at mid day straight to the First Church Ministry.

Ngobit EVCC Fellowship
This is a small fellowship of the estate Victory Christian church (EVCC) that began recently. It is situated about 60 Km from Kiganjo EVCC. We drove to the church on Wednesday 23rd April and met about 15 men and women praising and worshiping God in a 10`` x 12`` timber room. They had waited for us for more than 2 hrs with great expectation. We had the most refreshing time and Ministry of the word in this church by Pastor John. He really encouraged the brothers and sisters present to love and unite with one another. from the congregation, the gratitude was immeasurable – That they can be visited by a “Mzungu” (white man) in their rural habitat. “Surely God knows us and has good plans for us” they said in appreciation.

We had a good lunch of Chapati and greens at the home of Sister Veronicah Mwihaki who is the head of the fellowship then departed at 4.30 pm for Lavenda home.

Lavenda springs Academy Morning prayers
Lavenda springs Academy is a Primary and Secondary school of needy pupils. They include orphans, kids from single parents and destitute leaving in the institution managed by Elshaddai team that has leased Lavenda Academy from Jeff Lavenda. Its unfortunate to say that the school is not well managed by the present team and the children – so needy were very encouraged by the presence of pastor John and Jeff who joined them for prayers every morning between 3 - 6 am. They prayed with them and gave them donads every morning.

The morning prayers were attended by just a few boys and girls and the attendance rose sharply after word spread in the school that Pastor John and Jeff were attending the prayers and giving them donads and scones in the morning.

In every prayer meeting we had with Pastor John thereafter, Pastor John Passionately prayed that God would send people from Europe, America, Australia etc to help the needy children.

Nyeri Pastor’s Conference
We organized to a one day conference for Pastors of Nyeri County in Nyeri towns on Friday 25th April 2014 from 9.a.m. to 4.00 pm. we held the conference in PAG Church graciously given by the Pastor who is a friend of Pastor Paul.

Pastor John spoke in two sessions 1 ½ hrs each separated by tea and snacks graciously sponsored by Pastor John and Jeff. From the preaching of Pastor John, it was evident that he had great knowledge of the word which the participants (local pastors) from their feedback really appreciated. They expressed the need for another seminar/conference for pastors/leaders but organized to take a loner period i.e. 3 -5 days meeting.

Something very amazing happened in the meeting when pastor John Called Pastor Paul infront of the conference hall and broke the news that HCBC had  invited him to their new church building in Melbourne. He then presented a brand new bible and other books to him. This raised a great curiosity and the pastors clapped a lot in appreciation and amazement.

After the pronouncement, many pastors started making requests and appointments in order to establish contacts and relationship. It is true to say that the conference was a relationship building event and many have wanted to know more and establish contacts with pastor John and Jeff.

Wedding on Saturday 28th April and Revival meeting
After the preaching and teaching in the pastors conference, Pastor John was invited to preach at a wedding on Saturday 28th April 2014 in Nyeri town. It was such a colouful event with great singing and dancing characteristic of an African/Christian wedding.

It was such a great joy and surprise for the bride and bridegroom as they were surprised that “white preacher” from Australia preaching in their wedding. This, by word of the congregants was enough proof that God had honoured that wedding. Pastor John then presented gifts to the couple after the service and took photographs with them.

In the afternoon, we all went for a revival meeting in Chaka town. It was an interdenominational meeting held in EVCC Chaka church. Pastor John spoke about purity and readiness for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. After the preaching many people came forward and knelt down for prayer from pastor John. They have been expressing a desire for another meeting since.

Kenya Police College (KPC) Academy Service
On Sunday 27th April Pastor John was the guest speaker at the service of students and staff of the Kenya Police College in Kenya located about 1Km from EVCC Kiganjo. The service took 1 ½ hours with many programme compacted within the short time. This sis due to the college’s programme where the students have only a short time for Sunday service which ends at 11.00 a.m. However, the chaplain and elders expressed gratitude for the visit and the preaching, brother Jeff was invited to be guest speaker in another conference in Western Kenya whose Bishop was present in the service.

Sunday service at EVCC Kiganjo
From the Police Academy, Pastor John preached his maiden summon at the EVCC church Kiganjo where Pastor Paul (Host) is the pastor in charge. It was a lively congregation of a round 100 people who had great expectation from their  visiting preacher. The Sunday 27th April 2014 was a special families’ blessing service.

Many families came forward for a family blessing prayer width one old man who had backslidden many years before coming back to the lord that day. He had trekked 7 Km with his entire family - Sons and wives to the service for this special recommitment to salvation. His sons thanked God so much for their father’s faith. Before that day, he was a heavy drunkard and used to beat his aged wife.

As at writing of this report, this man “Jeremiah and his wife regularly attend church services on Sunday and is a completely transformed man. Luke 15.4-6. Surely Jesus said a good shepherd can leave his 99 sheep to go and look for one lost sheep and when he finds it he calls his friend and neighbours to celebrate with him. Jeremiah has made EVCC Kiganjo celebrate the doing of the Lord.

The church was so happy of this service with Pastor John and have since been praying that God would enable him to visit the church again. 

Pastor John again broke the news of the invitation of Pastor Paul to Home Community Baptist Church’s building’ opening ceremony. The church was so happy and have since been thanking God and praying that this trip would be made possible. The church has bee praying for Pastor John and HCBC  a longer good and fruitful working relationship for the two churches for the expansion and well being of the Kingdom of God. This visit of Pastor John to EVCC opened a greater vision for Pastor Paul and EVCC which we are all praying for God’s involvement.

Condoling with Ndegwa’s family
On Monday 28th April 2014, Pastor John and Brother Jeff cancelled a game trip to Nakuru National Park in order to go and pray with the family of Joseph Ndegwa in Nairobi whose father had passed away.

We packed our luggage for the Uganda/Rwanda mission and drove to Nairobi and spent the night with the family of Ndegwa (Paul’s friend). We prayed with them to encourage and strengthen them on their grief after the demise of their father. The family was so happy and always express the fact that we were the first people to visit them during that sad period, infact they said God sent a white man “Mzungu” preacher to encourage them that time. Infact for that honour, they appointed Pastor Paul to be the master of ceremony in their fathers burial ceremony that was held on Tuesday 6th May 2014, let me, pastor Paul use this opportunity to convey their gratitude and appreciation to Pastor John and Brother Jeff for their love and kindness to the family.

By road to Uganda and Rwanda
On Tuesday 29th April 2014, at 8.00 a.m. we set off by road from Nairobi – Ndegwa’s house and drove towards Western Kenya and reached Malaba (Boarder of Kenya/Uganda) at 5.30 p.m. we stopped at various points to view the Great Rift Valley, the Equator crossing line, wildlife etc on the way. We were together with Brother Jeff’s mother (Mary) and sister Mombi).

On reaching the Malaba boarder, we checked at the customs offices and Pastor John had to pay extra 100 US Dollars for an East African Visa.  We boarded a Taxi at Malaba boarder and set off to Kampala at 7.p.m. arriving at midnight. We waited at the Jaguar bus station in Kampala for Kigali/Rwanda bus. We boarded and set off at 3.00 a.m. arriving at Kabuga/Kigali at 2.30 pm. it was such a grueling tour with no stoppage for food or sleep until Pastor John concluded“ it was worth suffering for Christ” surely it was a heavy sacrifice for Pastor John who had flue due to change of climate and stress from the journey. Not withstanding the ill- health he - Pastor John still persevered to preach in the Rwanda/Uganda mission. It was a sacrifice for the sake of Christ’s mission.

We booked into a guest house in Kabuga near Kigali and refreshed ourselves and set off for the Ministry in Rwanda.

Mission in Rwanda
1. Church fellowship in Kabuga
Our first ministry in Rwanda was to attend a small church fellowship on Wednesday evening (4.00 – 6.00 pm.).

This was a small prayer fellowship for the church of our host Pastor John Kalibali. Pastor John shared the word with the Christians present (about 15) mostly women who had been praying the whole day. Pastor Paul and Jeff accompanied Pastor John and we went to take our first meal in Rwanda at the  Guest House and slept for the night.

2. Rwanda / Kigali Genocide Centre
On Thursday morning, we hired a van and packed all our belongings and went to visit Kigali town and especially Rwanda Genocide Museum. We were accompanied by our host Pastor John Kalibali and his other leaders. We were all together 9 people who toured the Genocide centre - a museum for the infamous Rwanda Genocide in 1994 where the two tribes Hutu and Tutsi of Rwanda killed one another leading to the loss of one million people in 3 months.

In the centre, we met many groups of visiting delegations including a team from United Nations, Nakuru County Government etc. Many came to lay flowers to the mass graves while others came to see what hatred and ethnic polarization and division can do to nations. To us it was as realization that absence of the love of God is Enemity and Death.

3. Karenge Church
After lunch at the house of Pastor John  (Our host) we drove for about 60Km from Kigali to the hilly Rural farmlands of Karenge Rwanda and arrived at a new Redeemed Gospel church fellowship around 3.30 p.m. This was a church of about 40 people mostly young boys and girls (70%) amazingly happy, joyful, praising and dancing church. What an amazing praising time? Ooh the young believers danced their hearts out for the lord. It was unbelievable. We all greated them happily then Pastor John preached the word. We prayed and promised to return there sometimes in future.

We drove back to Kigali and arrived at 7.00 pm. and immediately set off at 7.30 pm for Kampala –Uganda arriving at 5.30 am. on Friday 2nd May 2014.

Mission in Uganda
On arrival in Kampala, we booked into a guest house at 6.00 a.m., refreshed and rested for 3 hours. At 11.00 a.m. our host Apostle (Pastor ) Paul Kasirim came for us, I Pastor Paul and Jeff went with him while pastor John, Mumbi and Mum (Mary) rested behind.

Our first ministry was to attend a lunch hour fellowship at Makerere University, we shared with a few brethren then attended another church conference next to Mulago Hospital. We went to the third meeting that day at 6.30 – 5.00 pm. in Namugongo estate in Kampala where Jeff preached and encouraged the Christians. We then went to rest for the night.

Leaders conference
We held a one day leader’s conference in our host’s church in Namugongo – Kampala on Saturday 3rd May 2014. Pastor Paul and Pastor John taught the Pastors and leaders in attendance.

In the evening we attended a leader’s get together dinner hosted by the Host Pastor Paul Kasirim, Pastor John preached and prayed for the leaders present.

Sunday services in Kampala
On Saturday 4th May 2014 we attended and ministered in Namugongo – Apostle Paul Kasirin’s church, Pastor Paul preached in the first service while Pastor John preached in the second service. Just before pastor John spoke, we sang a “happy birthday song for him on his  60th birthday. However there was no cake to mark the celebration but Pastor John himself cut a cake of the word of God in his powerful summon.

Travelling Back to Kenya
We boarded a taxi van immediately after the second service in Kampala and set off for Malaba arriving at the Kenya/Uganda boarder at 6.00 pm.

After crossing to Kenya we found our car safe at Malaba Hotel. We packed our belongings in the car, took dinner and drove off at 7.00 pm. arriving in Nakuru at 1.00 pm. We spent at the friend of Jeff’s house and had breakfast together at 9.00 - 10.00 am. we then drove into Nakuru town where Paul bode farewell to Pastor John and the rest of the team escorted Pastor John to Nairobi for his flight to Melbourne Monday 5th Night.

Gifts and present
It is noteworthy that in every meeting Pastor John ministered, be presented gifts to people to express the love of God. This included books, huts, clothes, etc. This act of kindness and show of love impacted positively, thereby stamping the message he preached. This brought out the meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord-feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

May God Almighty bless Pastor John, Brother Jeff and the Entire Community of HCBC.

Compiled by
Pastor Paul Njenga
EVCC - Kiganjo - Nyeri Kenya

Va mai atasez, pentru cei care nu au citit-o pe GSP si o scrisoare emotionanta a lui Alex R. adresata Simonei


Performanţele incredibile ale Simonei au atras atenţia tot mai multor români, iar aseară, după calificarea în semifinale la Wimbledon, microbistul Alex R. a postat o scrisoare emoţionantă pe contul de facebook al Gazetei:
"Dragă Simona, Cine eşti tu? Cu ce ţi-am greşit noi, românii de ne faci de rîs în lumea întreagă? Cum ţi-ai permis tu să joci finala de la Roland Garros şi la o lună distanţă să fii aproape de a cîştiga prea puţin importantul turneu de la Wimbledon? Cu ce drept te-ai cocoţat aproape de vîrful topului WTA? Ai muncit tu pentru toate rezultatele astea?
Dragă Simona, dacă pierdeai nopţile prin diferite cluburi, consumînd alcool şi nu numai, anturandu-te celebrilor băieţi de bani gata de prin Dorobanţi sau dacă paginile tabloidelor nu erau suficiente pentru a-ţi prezenta viaţa desfrânată şi era nevoie să apari şi la educativele emisiuni nocturne alături de toate matracucele, ei bine, dragă Simona, abia atunci erai subiect de interes naţional...
Lăsînd sarcasmul (o glumă proastă, de altfel), îţi mulţumesc, dragă fată, pentru copilăria pe care ţi-ai sacrificat-o, pentru adolescenţa pe care ţi-ai sacrificat-o şi pentru faptul că munceşti cît pentru întreg lotul naţional de fotbal al României, ba chiar mai mult, totul din pasiune, rezultînd un joc de tenis atît de plăcut ochiului, că las orice în momentul în care joci şi te privesc cu admiraţie şi lăcrimez de bucurie că există şi astfel de români. Mulţumesc că exişti, dragă Simona!"

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