vineri, 15 iunie 2018




One Buddha
The Eliade's  ashes
Who did kill George W. Bush
Kerala leopard
New York Ramayana
Sonnets for the alkyons


Time of strange news about anything than self
Doing nothing under doings of nothingness
think of snake poison in your blood
Orion left by force assassinate seasons
for always remember in India running away

too many good tales and sayings to add
now the last novel in English
woman aware her mother was Shakespeare
this plot then what you wrote me becomes mine
as what I’ve written to you becomes yours

lord Buddha’s childhood ended in Asvagosha
silent reproaches of being born by this you mummy
you say nothing she says nothing I say nothing
I write to the letters from the Buddha
English for the use of abortions

be wise in any language clever synonymy
little nerve mouse takes me as Ganesha
familiar Maharashtra sounds
at holidays next door Indian
from Latin oppositions from Greek kairos

I was younger on Cavalry Lines sung ones
in a vision of professors all around
the better effort with no destination
clearing rest between dark rocks
before climbing to a Shakespeare song

most of people do not kill their fellows
as they also gave birth to the same
doing anything is to renounce to
anything see the revolutions
Lambda is a letter I know nothing else about it

by suffering I understand mainly to be happy
he didn’t kill them they didn’t kill him the dictator
plus contemplation of new generation
plus generation of new contemplation
plus contemplation of contemplation

Sisir did so curiously when white ants came
what our world would be like without  sympathy
Hume Smith Schopenhauer Darwin Mc Dougall Wispe
the woman from Greece came to you and you married her
then the woman of Gypsy came to you now the woman of Russia

if she reincarnated him while killing herself
her and his verse in eternity
cremation ground early morning see white ants
Dead dogs mourned age of reversed fables
windows inside rare earthquakes enough
surprise facilitating disparity

Foolish beliefs of old and new catastrophes
A zone of solitude around everybody one’s life
imagine indeed how lonely Eminescu was
saying I am a Buddhist just being too Christian
Parvati deflowered by Shiva after burial


vedic prayer
asatoma sad gamaya
tamasoma jyotir gamaya
mrityorma amritam gamaya

prajnanam Brahma
aham Brahmasmi
tatvam asi
ayam atma Brahma

Ra Ravi Marduk Maha Rudra
Magadha Magedha Makedonia
Pelasa Pelaska Pelasgoes
Pythagoras Putha-Goras-Buddha-Gurus


I go away from the Vedas reaching them
the negation is dreaming itself in Varanasi
Augustin you are a city in the North
the flights are missing you
now I am going nowhere and everywhere
mantra doesn’t wait for mantra
man doesn’t wait for man
God doesn’t wait for God
black burnings mantras shadow


perhaps indeed you are my mother
passed through Atlantida
how did I sit near you
giving you the sainthood
to give me not sinfulness
where will you put poem with saint
and you with sons and a house
ashram by there
only beauty of mother
Trinidadian and of mine
the life invaded me mother


Kabir be our mamma
on lotus in hole in ash
your soul liberating
five melodious secrets
I have the thought of after-noon
ashram’s after-noon
I said to Plata happy birth day
satasnga and more sadhana
dedication knowledge experience
and raga was started by jyoti
on the wind of after-noon
bhajan we always light
for soul of harmony
mera jivan kavi hai
a celestial Trinidadian life
seven years in India seven days in Trinidad
Trinidadian a Sanskrit-Romanian idiom
Om Trajan bakham
Om Traian român
ancestral incense prayag
the spirit of Kabir is well alive
reciting Hanuman Calisa in Couva
like Hari Belafonte in San Remo no answer
children of golden climate


Bharat mata hamare nam
over thousand year nor remembrance
if planet will be not indianized
fear of self descendants toward forefathers
and you Ion with Chinese against us
we will coax our care
more than China Chindia
well that India didn’t eat us
to our mother I saw her eyes
I am afraid of too much memory
I push the attachment I detach of
this mother like herself
of her grand-mother India
I will also see my mamma burnt at
face how she doesn’t teach us
what good laughing what you see me
I didn’t let you say my kid
from Cernica to Bucharest
and by here through Trinidad
you wouldn’t look to see
your child of chance
this my mother cuts me Medea
what child should I have been to her
not sea not in Corint
Hindi  nationalizing diaspora
and you a combination of Elisaveta with Bharat
what should I say to you and then to suffer
my father left you even paralyzed
my mother left us and you
if she would live how would you seem to me
she may get disturbed by where she is
or she told you from so many wizards
again bhakta kavy naming gods the self
I am afraid of so many spiritual stars
I don’t wait anything from anybody
you heard me Mahavir and your brother
I’ve lost again my mother
with your occasion to listen to you
that you are pandit be it
my books at West Indies
mamma that her son remains her son
how wouldn’t she bring the glass
with orange juice mata and I
the lucky one to have many mothers
to this I was also thinking
what savageness of ocean
if not mother of Indian
if mother isn’t the moon
then India ever is
Columbus went to India
and reached Trinidad
I came to Trinidad
and arrived in India
lovely but on Indians’ hand
mata ji Jasodara Ramdeo however
had come to see me like mamma
also others learned how she is looking like Veta
being also Kabir great thing
another mother from ashram that do meditate
until you reach in satloka to see
where are you going when you die
let old women be adopted as mothers
by old orphans improvisation of survival
you showed me God from
your countries and women only mothers
I found my mother in Trinidad
without searching her
father Trinidad also with mamma
even not recognizing me
you may have stayed there in Trinidad
in the strange forest like people


give me horses of May
blind dervish colored sand

song two
swim the dew
all in she
salty sea
dark you us
sing in trance

from Ulysses Bloom
ashes to album

from hot to cold
Homer Joyce old

how ugly did I wrote to you
that even in the dream goes true

you breath
gods of sounds

atman encircles you
in dancing dharma

let sister frog give birth to a blackbird
mritior ma amritam gamaya


"You'll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me"

built on church ruins
I fraternized with corals
believe me kangaroo

I should know you kill me
over retired widows
in children shadow

non stiamo male
no bubbled drop
from other ballad


With the grave I had walked
You do sing of our horse
Who does kill  be glorified
Phat you’ve stolen master Gaetano

Their child Tror killed Lorki
Put hand on Thracia what we call Trudheim
From son to son Voden Odin his wife Frigida Frig
Valhall Ginnungagap void yawning

Troy out of Ymir’s flesh the earth from its sweat the sea
Rocks from bones trees from hairs from skull sky
From eyebrows gods riding the wolf poison on face
The wolf swallows sun moon Odin


thanking to you mole crickets
by a traceless leaf
lightning you as citadel
on citadel of sun’s snow

dreaming you as friends up on
own birth aphrodisiac
sorrow growth and death only
by our mother’s cancer


to other cart the heart exploded
into the loins of cousin’s father

combing not grow your chest
if you don’t cut head’s thesis

in the back of all shining feather
lacking of Sanskrit canta (ta)

Pelasgis  drying to the wind
unimaginable rest

sleeping shirt in grove
on congratulated plump plant

to us it was good the cruelty
from over love of youth

to be sorry for all old age
pity for concentration in a dream

Indian fakir acted by Mozart
non Zoroastrian vultures rabble

India is the cradle of civilization
civilization didn’t remain in cradle

I have no way to reach you in Valhalla
on the cold of correctness


pantomime the unconscious
I wouldn’t dare to
digest my greed
turned into
sound combatants
perfume swamp
polecat’s wonder
living in letters
who came out from platoon
will burn my
letters after death
I read in books you in lotus
the architect writes in cupolas
we remain to partisans
cremated alive

it will denounce you too
the writing of poem
let me be visited by
resurrection doina song
we met in
olds with youths
our time will not come any more
yet we wouldn’t go to pot


my got be not killed
my land  not a shield

you'd call me from tree
carcinoma be

with eyes at gate
towards America

gone you are knapsack
blouse from army

I throw the ball
of time to collect

I swallow

especially I

in dream
I defended

on the dry wood of bench at left of Justice Palace
I was sited backing the modern art galleria
ten by ten columns Athene triangle zodiac Virgo
Zenith galleries as at Dreteanu
in Barrier at Otilia

in front of golden calf with Tintoretto
our valley doesn't loom
let us leave Washington
and go to Paris
more one empire shaking


dying with the death of Kabir
before death so immortal

you earth I will shape you thus
you potter I will bury you one day

your world I weep wept by nobody
that you listen me dying in myself

God’s bliss and also from the prayers
you drink cold water if you reach the spring

the weakened body dies daily
saved when God is any breath

I pray with tear of joy
God be my paradise

as you’d wed July
in Aphrodite’s foam dress
Christ of John’s beheading
On your no beheading John

God help me to pray
in the cave of apostle Paul
the shipwrecked under Publius

how many megalithic lives
how many buttons to operation
waters as clear as the thirst
you be not drawn on the wheel by Vienna


nobody to betray his mother
a big disaster of war is in store
good education medical services
praise to Soviet communism
what were you thundering from Quito
industry stooped white snow
English American Dutchmen buy
on nothing Ukrainian enterprises
from where Iliescu and Vadim speak

nor you Alla-Deo Ladea
mast of end millennium
no bible no geeta but law
pralaya kayama doomsday
nobody buys anymore
land in Seychelles
that water comes knight
we need greenery
to survive
your orchard with big
apples and worms

waves order
Malta lotus
you Kabir


the poem doesn't need to end
let flock carry us on waves of shipwreck
by now unawakened by a sound
after what we didn't smelt
cut also lead of ioanic wings
uncle George in mackintosh through Malta
coagulated blood washing
in blood which will be still shed
wax drips us in Maltese
i zda s-successi ta' l'ex komunisti u l'extremisti
jista ' jeffettwa hazin l-isforzi ta' Bucharest biex
jissieheb fl-Unjoni Ewropea u n-NATO
the romantic poet Mihail Eminescu
il liberalismo distrugge vigore della nazione
giving first love a second chance
ad honestatem populi objectationem
nei nostri cromosomi c'e europeismo
how many will can go will not remain
we take the valley to vertical
la dolce morte ai malatti terminali
I will die in this euthanasic passport
so planets so people in Malta
profusion of inhibiting walls
adopted children from Romania knights
Italia e un paese di ponte
your father would have sculpture with sea
in prayer until you reach
the road to Emaus hospitable
we enter the last lethargy
our party never evoluated
this is the country with fools over
this wasn't want by knight order Ladea
I forgot the title volcano on theatre
who laugh by whom
that the end doesn't escape the flock any more
what neglect of shed blood
how death search us of louses
what patriotic screams on barrel
how wouldn't love your dead mother
more and more not remembering her
younger than you if she appears who's
that is Vesuvius it recognized me
with lava love let not hit us
when you have no issue at last you'll be free
it is last time I hear this language
what I will transcribe on what self-censorship
no way to fill the sea with salt
hatched cyclone
there is only one God
on banks quick waters flow
you plait poetry with reality
tumor pushes stronger
thank you for Malta
any one has a seed well fixed in him
don't praise ever anyone
don't make order on my name
but it cannot be changed any more
Maria is gone to Paris
what more were you saying from Quito
also to you predestination
on your themes at intensive care
Ana came back
Christmas will come to us too
o gajo cai sas amentza
only once tao
returned to citostatic Christ
God help our prayer
Deum de Deo
Alla minn Alla
Lumen de lumine
dawl minn dawl
Deum verum de Deo vero
Alla veru minn Alla veru
Sed libera nos a malo
Izda ehlisna mid-deni
Infirma nostri corporis
U sahhah dan gisimna
Nunc et in hora
Issa u fis-siegha
Mortis nostrae
Tal-mewt taghna
Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus
Quaddis Quaddis Quaddis

(Purva, scherzo, uttara)

It rained last night of summer
at Christmas the banana tree
that I constrained the loves
both with dodii and with weeping
the long eye of bruise,
threefold Himalaya
like the trouver like a Persian
the pervert neoteric,
like an inn and bamboos grove,
like the trochee broke from iamb,
like a sylph with syphilis
of canzona and abyss,
like forgiveness and Madonna
butchering my corona,
like a dead on purpose
snowed by wedding's requiem,
like a bull too of gold
in a tramping of centaur,
like the South's Ganesh
with no oldman's tooth
I said all the little day
and you didn't hear my play
then lunch after tea
to friends still on.
Through the window how Kerala
my souvenir is mandala
that I was anaerobe slave
to its traces  chips
the hill broken ants
gathers me in matrices
calendar in two dunes
greened in prayer.
You see dancing nothing
with friend sky on cloud
on the leper slow laurel
girl's smoke in ravines.
The fever of other prince
licked the copy of basalt
as tongue wouldn't snow in vices
no scrutinized on hedgehogs
the shadow of total breast
other cheek profile waves
milk bank eternally no sucked
stoned by underground.
I didn't see woman yesterday
of forgiven caresses,
I didn't get Keralian leopard
from an eye with weep downstream,
I didn't walk with Tibetan steps
at the girl with many boys
and so to catch you
with a revolver in bindi,
the music fishing
between your fingers.

Stones, shatras and godmothers,
only desert block rock,
the slab searches tankard
midget wound's absence -
up on branch a monkey
she unfetters his louses,
he thrusts her three times
cube of thrills she cries,
claws nape squeeze,
hairs sizzle through grove,
again thrust, back scratching
still more thoroughly,
that rubs loch
as looks to the two,
it trembles the fifth scene
drinking tea semen
delousing some like
with kids alike,
plush flint wets
the rock with white,
that coupling band jumped
in the tree that side,
again he in she is boons,
the candles of resurrection,
grains of lunch
under bamboos crests.
Kids lick, female suckles,
he brushes her on a side,
red sharpen breasts
with amazed gaps,
cleared woods and tails
of empires you knot again.
Dear reddish sister,
knit more with claw
licked copies from Sarnath,
the cry flea -
the monkeys allowed me
out of respect for my lyre,
while you heated
with ashes on Cris,
if you knew that I'll die
masturbatory on stone,
listen also to finances
genetic calm throwing die,
whore in verse of rhombic  bamboos,
fist in chest on rustic button,
that you stretch with two sons
with father with ointments,
that you wing adultery
down to Cerberus,
at paroles with laymen
seizing their hallucinations
so that I dismounted
peacocks at least singing.

Through twilight of rose itch
the paranimph caress me,
my left knee is on hearse
and on her navel -
I have inner reasons
with keeping in mind,
I have from education
an aspect of grace
when my knee wrap up
in auroral navel:
give me Christian knee
gnawed tusk and shaved ass,
I will turn the beataxe
virgin with flower cunt.
Other furrow's ray in dance
in the knees keeping balance  -
well, madam, that i died
and your land I loved.
She draws Sprie stone
and resurrects my vein
in that flower broke in long
with you to get striped.
Smoke to memory a sheepfold,
wolfed on a side,
in hidden deserts
my girl to appear,
with her my eye to tear out
and also to hit my mouth,
hosting also a bullet in lips
bored by lock.
I swear lost to shoot myself
to this night's draught -
the agony in pencil
and little has remained
as a baptismal in Gange
as ashes in a hook
grounds of pocket
that i drank with hand
if I'd have give it to beggar
I would have get mangalam.
Mind hiccoughs  its slobber
with hope of pellicle
planet under bar
undulating python -
it isn't paint in painting,
ox in field and field in ox,
in to vault you strain on me
lantern with two bulbs,
extinguish a bulb, to geisha give
your check on what you saw
only dead to resurrect
with lungs like vineyard
of me to take hold
with tear and more


F 09

do cover over no joining
panic’s anima kama to Rama
Shiva laments to no widow Rathi

he knows his song don’t weep him you orant
god made us you gave us birth
I still should turn on what side

rooted in mother land
you’ll put me to recite chalisa
mother Seeta abducted to garden


immaculate abduction
under abducting myth
time to you impasse

failed abduction father
mother in united cult
Madhura Magdala

I came to senses
Ramayana in New York
Elisaveta Yasodara


abducted Seeata Rama
Lakshmana absent
not so Hanuman

predators of virtue
opposed to sandals
witnesses of killing

abduct me soul cries to god
abduct me bred temptation is translated
crush yourself on abducting time wheel


America is Ravana Seeta is the abducted
world Rama didn’t change himself
our mother is of godhead

dearer daring Seeta
is neither Radha in Vraja
nor Savitri resurrecting the dead

permission Krishnaits Savitrins
I pray to God’s Mother for Seeta
I pray to Seeta for God’s Mother


in study own salvation dance the goodness
abducted Rama himself  in person of loved Seeta
Seeta salving herself mountain and weapons

God loves also the one he kills
Bali the killed Ravana Vidu
dropped by foliage folklore composition

God kills also the one he loves
kills himself turns into resurrection
the beggar begs us to pass through him


I’ll miss the unheard departure to Lanka
for the sake of an inspiration as I missed
mother abducted in beatings by father then both

I’ll miss the plane for New York
for mature Amsterdam caught in
justice improvised by somnolence

I’ll miss the dead’s gratitude
for  a former life razed at interior
order like now in disorder


Kali more Seeta more Mary  more Radha
stringing our heads on thread from a
birth on forefathers’ darkness

lost in my death’s birth
I pray to you killing nascence
for keeping our hearts to spring

I bow to inconceivable over believing
in graces of god and of the abductor
loosing themselves  in our growth


let Radha teach us forest’s way
Savitri pulling also us out
of catted tree sculptured Maiastra

glory to mother’s cancer to father’s paralysis
for you to pray for their birth
we stick to you anonymous immigrants

prayer of prayers to mothers’ mother
to Rama to Hanuman
in the garden of Christ’s Mother


the will of receivers of abducted women
hidden by Ravana’s gardens
at once Ganeshan incompleteness

Ganesh in America should be the theme
the cutted time like tusk of Ganesh
the son in stories of ours

in Indian Ocean on Africa in Atlantic
in Thai also gulf in tsunami
Hanuman strnghtened me in courage


it snows blackly ball on meninx
no courage I have to photograph
to run from America to Iraq

white pillar to Gertz Plaza mall
well that I forgot the white tie
well that I have black shirt

even the sun left me incest
where the psychosis propped me
from trees’ ornaments


arnam Brahma food is god
Sri Chinmoy played fifteen instruments
then silent meditation and DVDs shared

dinner with roses on questionnaire I wrote
close to god through songs and
still more through resulting silence

pandit that a writer at phone
first time no then already Yankee
in New York only for Ramayana bhai


global Ravanic terrorism
the old one makes pranayam at tea
dios del fuego balck pyramid

with never a cloud in the skies
may every moment of sadness
prove only a joy in disguise

no one religious sum spiritual
spirituality unites religions
persons of divine revelation


there are animals better than humans
Ravana could have been killed only by monkeys or men
Hanuman embodiment  of Shiva guru of the universe

neither I believe in god
this is god’s mistake not mine
his grace didn’t want to come into my life

without Hanuman’s help one can’t be Rama’s devotee
right guide monkey shape also Brahma could be
at coronation in Ayodhya all monkeys take human shape


no standing anyway but I’m wet
after all cherries on Hook Creek
back Eldorado’s Lal with Lalan

under this bridge the woman gives  birth to war
with sin toward peace Merrick past
rain’s cruise do not lean on door

I write myself Ramayana orthodox Easter
in gospel Seeta Mary shed magnolia tree
the girl gets down before library


electrified tables for computer
small girl looking to paradise’s dictator
Latin Gutenberg's annotated bible

Quintus Smirnaeus The Fall of Troy
John Quinn The Man from New York
Iliad war Ramayana dharma

go in as much America you want get back
from secondary citizenship noslept sleep
reading room as as a  stadium NYPL


Drago shoe repair extra genius Dracula
by grace of god who is Rama shanti
seriocomic extreme the god of hell

rain by window of theatricality
flood over New York-er Ganesh
his tween tusks went to the dogs

harder than New York neither pork I retort
girls left themselves on Archimedes’
pouring on them golden ware from thunder


Pandit Ram Lall doesn’t advise Indians to come
in America no what to do here any talent
is bought home is more recognized

Chand colleague with them rich and how cold
anybody how his nature is fair he is claiming
seniority to me I am older uncle John Ion

all artists in the second line sri Ram Tulsidas Valmiki
great men pandit’s dream to bring Ramayana in
New York Hanuman Chalisa sanathana dharma


divine aesthetics at sarod distinguished yogi Chinmoy
silence  small conversations seem cries I still write you
whip of silence empire garland calypso

urge carry his sitar he leaves no applause
big word sacredness of the conference sin of difference
religious and communist zones materialist countries have no future

Ramaraja ideal love for people more than for self
Ravanaraja Mary put by pope to destroy non christianity
Rama in Shiva Rameshvara Shiva param guru


famous carbonation of lightning the black squirrel
I translated to you what Eliade wrote to me you are more
than America unfried potatoes lost libido

entering  the movie I decolored myself post catholic fresco
nails in eyes beaks in tree bark
who perspires let fighting woman be filmed by Giordana

mulish money caps irritated Tartaria the imitation
of forest instead of fiends  dancing their crucification
who kills Medea’s children from America to Colchida


the self in Hanuman’s house reciprocal
knowledge through war beheaded present
having not rest from heavy armies

the distance from center frontier  people
fish of real blood shadow
look at your alpine slope wormwood

nuts in oak trees white flowers
god take me again at singing
minuscule corpuscle New York Targoviste


Draculia’s Cyberia gone down geography
countries at morgue the oblivion in front of fairies
refused identity in mirror with poppies
too many killings all around inside

the blood of own shut dead ones
tell me who kills you and I’ll tell who you are
with whom you accompany you aren’t in Pitesti any more
on small is beautiful a hydrogen bomb

Sumatra Romania at Brandenburg gate
Geoachimo checkmates the anonymous in 1619
Boscolo on Alfieri aridity to delight for nobody
submarine jumps the ocean Fidel in Tiraspol


gray fingerprints on dead’s tea
gallows the half cross string of belladonna
thirsty stones sympathy to Sindbad
from forests forefathers to the descendants of absence

pelagic statues in party of carbide
alarms enrich our repertory
post Romanian tirade to bird silence
the frogs outstripping our flooded libido

who helping you not but gloriously crippling  you
stealing your patience leaving you down
awakening you reluctantly stay still with whom
said I to speak any more  what language


we translate between us breath’s identity
illustrate our seclusion in obsession-less reverie
have place almost all in own America
and will explode in a Sarmatian notice

the trance of troubadour wagtail plaice  wings
our leaf will still grow to recognize us
elephant head from a tooth resonance energy
extraordinarily to call me martalog

ubiquitous exile local people in gallows
crosslike threads first thing I castrate you
spread charisma dialectic litter
in cinmantonic dreams redeemed New York


if I wouldn’t kept with the cow I would flown away
firman fireman l’uomo non vive soltanto con pane
eating of Christ neither secret self forgetting
less France l’ouvrier polonais a big devil

theves job to steal state job to catch them
oil in Moldova is poorest but best
distillery too many refineries in Romania
Petromidia hasn’t to do it is for Arabian countries

overture to Raghuvamsa opera in Pârvu Rosu
smoke’s noise ash diaspora on sabbat’s water
penknife de Marseille with button on back bench
confidentially I’ve finished the novel civil marriage


at Ayodhya reigned Dilipa Raghu Aja Dasaratha
Rama avatar of Vishnu and more 24 solars in 19 cantos
from Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa to be pastisched with Manu
his son toward son serving Nandini heifer from Surabhi

on Sindhu he conquered husbands of blushing Huna women
thousands of camels and mares carry treasure received by Kautsa
beings lighted from sun lamp from lamp son from son
land to the feet of royal duty milked sky

Indumati gives birth to Dasaratha thousands years pass
Ravana persecuting the gods then Rama from Kausalya
Bharata from Kaikeyi twins Lakshmana and
Satrughna from Sumitra reincarnate Vishnu


in the navy Pushpaka from Lanka to Ayodhya he shows to Seeta
Malyavat Pampa Chitrakuta Ganga Yamuna Sarayu
political slander on her stay in stranger’s house order
to Lakshmana to leave her on Ganges when pregnant

the sons Kusa and Lava taught by Valmiki Ramayana
to sing to their father at horse sacrifice killed Sambuka
he will receive Seeta back if she will prove pure
to her subjects she mortgages and her mother earth  embraces her

ruined was Ayodhya after death of Rama
Adhidevata calls in dream Kusa at reign
his bracelet slips in water Sarayu and naga
Kumudvati returns it together with her hand


dedication sounds for Alexandra-Maria Victor
and pandit Ram Lall in tune with our New
York Ramayana first cover you on screen
last the pandit from index his walls only diplomas

over ministry at Stavropoleos who at weddings more kingly
than  Brancoveanu to jubilate obvious anturium
Plata didn’t transcribe her post Valmiki discours
neither Kadamban nor Tulsidas gayatry in Rig Veda

Kalidasian providence tomorrow you bride were born
these days I would versionate in English libretto
of other opera direction of waiting until wedding big parents
of daughter- in-law much will dance you small mother of sun-in-law


the octopus’  skeleton in hump of comparisons
I call first auditions from Ramayana of self chase
they pretendedto be fools for living as wanted
femininity symbol beyond sinful freedom

relif of torture is something in nature of things hemlock
when taking opium chicks shine English the
most tubercular country treated with laudanum
in movies a death is more beautiful than another

Greek land is made out of Aromanians
from god we come in god we return
and I forget slowly Latin any town is full of addresses
lost fractal vowel genesis consonant extinction

To Alexandra and Victor


king Ceyx Alkyone
implores you don't go
to the oracle not on ship
take also her you agon
drowned she sees you hypnos
gods turn you both in Alkyones
over weaves down
to birds on eons

kingfishers dancing wedding
in dive through fine zones
albatrosses in diaspora
with military embracing
the wings anemone
or to the oracle clones


what fate on pilgrim king
starting alone on oracle route
how he guarded his queen that he doesn't
take her in the journey now
she beseeches him to take the land
he in the ship longing endures
the storm falls the father evening star
doesn't know his graves

Eol his father-in-law do read Ovid
in albatross feather iridium
their longed metamorphoses in flight
reweaves drop to bodies
we miss the sight of virgin canine
and dog barcs us mortal


you that are flying over forest
leaving both shore and sea to others
I wouldn't tell from wings long and short
a black dog to enamel sheeps
other grazes me out from tours
shadowing the legs of psalm singer
remained to my thief person
as wind's run at aim I raise

broken by cyclist bronze
precincts weave us
that neither in  hunger bonze
nor Mila nor shinto statue
would not open for us
the belly of that gone to lie


sonnets choirs counterpoint
Indian lizards
alkyonard jazz accent
if you don't ring if radio
be it wa-wa to you
Saint Mary
India-s day
devil grace

son to kingfisher
Chekhovian what fun
what pick on nation
winged stones
birds nested
in my head


drought's foliage rustled by wave
in cross the alkyons eyes
we would canton our exhaustion downstream
of pharaohs' crossing
metamorphosis nuptial tearing
from song raised to eons
even by us since yesterday at bank
to see as if for sturgeons

secluded wing you return
to the couple dumb by storm
only waves the spumes on horns
a music in burning of runes


pushed in lodgings by windows
the tractor strews smoke to you
ships on chimneys you do live
and nor good-bye last evening
in whom way news to sands
hallucinations not even on string
in the doze of Dantesque tales
to Dumitru's royal eagle

on us if hello at quits
at turn on belly swimming
the brush of a victorious whiting
payed we'd be with a Corot's painting
like in Eminescu from Ovid and Brit
the arbor of detached tarot


after that we'd just narrate
and you mum one Eliadian
Dan Botta on plate you were here
I still get tanned unique manna
of chance a bird I saw
Eol  hardened is food to you
of father in Egeic empires
alcyone our daughter Nana

I entered in water came out of skin
leaving drowning myself a bit
in guard of earthly sails
I can't forget the dog look
from me in wave and dales
in morose weed


origami wings
beak for salute
claws in Miami
abdomen ship
poop pecking
shaped griffin
mother with Adams
father in horror

shave our flakes
in Coromandel
divulge its rays
small evening star
girl of mother Fulga
and of Jundandel


I'v pasted with sprite my leaflet
metamorphose in dry prose
tale's omen Joimăriţa
poet drowned in Euxinus
under plane afion
child priest not uncle
legs arched spoke
Roman unseen by Dacian

devil onto wrinkles verse and wave in waltz
to non-reader also peace
in wing's net which are sales
o Thracian my secret they'll know
to contemplate the painting of Franz Halls
or killing laid Orpheus


on verse's verso agape
birds suicide pas
bear's eye your water sounds
kin at requiem
to self seeming crayfish at pope
that from pews iconoclastic
wings the mountain and ditch
at Georgescu Delafras

long change on non-baker
alcyonar invented
Buzinschi Sântimbreanu
suffix to Teoctistt
flowers harness crosses of schist
rhyming however no gloomy


king sailors drowned
not yesterday old epitalamion
today flocks fly the wedding
on the sea with sands dialect
tribal  paw claw the tiara ploughs
to unseen queen beehive respect
we flutter ourselves bird beast
as sect seven of leap year

trans in person asper interregnum
to these I look ignorant
the double children wing sign
wind's flowers to angels
dreaming to keep in mind dignus
of sunflower sower


now word of sorrow longing in the sea
forms the painters of motion
on them we hit as avatars
Ovidorm metamorphoses
cast zodiac reliable
it's void and evidence do die
medals Dali Daedalion salting
from baskets throwing out shaormas

shadow to dog fisher doors
down Sanskrit auroras usha
too many would enjoy clods
to rain the hands no wicked ones
the myth's grieved for doesn't
remember his dead and mine


you wait solitude wave sand
witgs packed fest
one doesn't know where wind beats zip
you go to brothers and sisters to West
most former South pair at a face
look fixedly to a boat in arrest
verify Kuldip's ballad
what broken wedding up to Budapest

for time's bitterness moon only
circles on linen  disheveled alcyons
feathers' almond converged hazel
closed eyes red swarm in tomorrow
since a life I didn't pay to you earnest
as for the last judgment


arrows in living wheel curved
don't flow war Daedalion
two twins from two gods a girl
coming from front would bear non
neither with Diana would come across widely
to throw yourself from promontorion
Ceyx bury you when Peleus search
shelter to him he killed his brother Dodon

you'll die on road toward oracle
Alkyone would weep you meta-morph
from people you chose other miracle
Buzzatti's Eura without Orf
Tracula waves to mountain spectacle
and rhymes few living nor f'


what did you need leaving wife
to take the waves of destiny
what she also asked to take her
loving her you didn't take her anywhere
from you two be not born
the traveling Kunigunde
evening star to adopt her
up birds at eggs bow

while drowning you called her by name
and heard you've been by separators
and she to dream you home come on
and at wake dead only dawn
make me a bird to fly at least
through undulating shadows


let the brother's cutting build
to the mosaic or to mosque
landscape again Medea-like
as she didn't bear sons of goddess
as to death given gelosy
return to ethereal murder
and you kiss her on mask
in prayer of Aegean catching

we adjectiveate the non-sun under cloud
if at a suddenness the amphora is heavy
the syntax of antiquating rhythm
would beat the pair of Alkyons
and even lost archaic meteor
I worship I'm cold that no


Eol to Alkyone father airs
with waves groom breath
Ceyx saw from Lucifer she earth
of father memory keeping
enamored couple gets unmade
and who to cremate the sky
through clouds burying horizon
in shouts of young voice

from star and wind earth kings in vineyards
flying we recognize ourselves alkyons
storing not among us childhoods
dreaming to sturges joints
wind blows again you don't entertain us
from wings raising eons


dead was the transforming king
today birds break on his throne
from part of Alkyone in a tongue
unspoken to self Kogaion
yes god make us aura to you
to same penumbras standard
in silence as harping us
the urchins from Cirene sauron

we stay sonnet's wings for
saved alkyons from teared lovers
we depart cutting us from center
amnesiac if we move again as corybants
these old out of young venter
in beaks fish in ocean infants


I pray to god the letter
to fly it to sculptor it
I don't change Ovidian theme
king queen in birds
air embodied aura
with peace the bigger boy
of morning aster
in iamb the tragedy

I think also to acquaintances
argo undrowingable
embracing on
cliff  with Vigeland
feathers uniqueness
love on sea on land


you Alkyone I Ceyx
neither dead nor bird
we don't dance any more flamenco
we write sonnets each other
we wake with wings
I sign you on sand
not seeing you
when we converse

you will not separate
cause king goes to oracle
together metamorphosis
father after cloud morning star
open the mouth
speak in Getic


I searched in flock in swarm in paradise
bird to the dog on satellite
detour flow under clouds rarely I ploughed
if I wouldn't reach a voluble kin
hi gulls choir life on poker
to bankrupt's lengthened wisdom
in Barbu's lyras lyric lay
disliking what did tell I

only that cold from marine people
on drought slavery canaan
peaceful pascal's sleep returns
we have views wives clan in field
mud house passed torture die
Aldebaran do not get young again


we turn one into another
Shrovetide of blood
enamored asters when we'll be not
we light of self rigor intrigue
rare maternal disfigurement
in patriarchal mourning
I suit metamorphosis
of dead lovers in gulls

I try beatings
of wings shadowing
we heat with
sea's drop
no foreign bird
in man come you too


ark argo
ovid eggs
boredom oracle
from where founder
with no a poor

oracle black aura
let us be healthy o Ceyx
until we drown
love waits for us
left in life
mount me
on ship to don't
sleep sibyl


I'd dream you
we'd chat
self forgetting of
alkyon kin
alive to fly to swim
joy of burial
in oracular predicting
from cause unrecognized

alone they can
dream selves oracles
I speak not
only of gulls
fall first
you god


oracle surrounds us tents
on the sea shore unexpected
we don't discuss four farthings
caliphs on poly-chrome horses
prodies two with two efforts
on three in one parodist
of flight in lands fluid resorts
could have re-transformed resurrecting

we catch our collar in the pillar
under listening caravan
what our father aster is doing
when we died without food
no soldier abandoning castra
Ceyx vain Alkyone waits for you


waves sea sailors
the king hanging on lath
sea salvers rare in ares
seeing the queen in shape that

Avars ford wait for him
charms with Arald on a burr
if would sell him what corsairs
script to be with her fiddle

the carrier of light
beyond cloud as beyond wind
Alexandra Vic alkyna

look there land
the corpse isn't guilty
with the oracle word


weekenders errs of sadness
sheltering me from best written book
at wave taboo on crumble-sea
from gulls the woman toward rest
bronzing the angle of corsair thigh
at once wheel their eyes from test
the canine couple last night standing
at escalate nor on Everest

you do translate in foreign languages the price
when to the alkyons I prostrate sternly
you'd ask if I'd fill your glass
at autograph schools of consternation
recitative to entire county
next autumn patriarch Holofern


no any oracle if not eol
seen by the alkyons as father
eyes no more phoenixes mother alcohol
you didn't bath us that the groom's father
intoxicates evening star's superpart
remained unjolted star
hidden but after corolla cloud
at evening boy at day girl

messengers came to the dipped dead
and only his living looking
flutter him self devoured
blown self-resurrecting wing
abysses of true drowning
sculptured metal Miro mirror


you dreamt gyroscopic birds
with white chest to the East
of palace hawk music
what words did here any more

let the chalk sun see you
not entering blackened circle
foam spiral as egret
depth of the sea stopped you

the palace howls for not
queen hear what storm killed
she also dreaming self
from imperial kin one only
if sleeping neither rain paparuda
nor to noises belladonna


let your attitudinizing accident be
of people's food rune
on flight of eyes to orizont
said avatars combine you
I wouldn't let self in Dervent
to prayed stars' sisters carrying moon
up to Mekka Ayodhya advent
to musicalize the lagoon

sucked wave puffs contrary chest
surrounding it flight swim sand
throwing of hunch be your rune
wing enamored of wing
harappa antananarive
in beaks of ancestral polyp


the phrase waits you be precise
as crow's gull in dodii
you believed circumcised even moon's dream
under white half-moon of Cernavoda
you listened understanding Paris
one meditative one on pomegranate
we don't explain prohibited land
flinged by lady from the zodiacs

the oracle burnt lady
in seduction words
she snatches your husband as a rag
on sea she pommels him to the storm
and pour him in whale's bowels
so even Cajuns to don't find him


in shortest you said the phrase
to hierarchy on beach according to the rite
what meditate what you do Zaraza
pardon Hamza naramza slaughtered
blackamoor in lack-beard  noon
since yesterday in willows wind and
hired anacoluthon gulls stasis
until the oracle didn't utter

part to speak only eating I write for her
as a word she doesn't let with food
let's hear fastidious oracle
with no effect little ankles on wound
so do lose us got kidding cheep
returned from sea in bird Diana


shifted to people at us two silent
there are days you tear also words
in the sea you sharpen the clearness
you fatysh only at mind
we speak you don't and too among gabbiest
translation parents graves
enough the carriage yoke ostrich to it
we recognize us as eloquent birds

do not make sense you're not American
do speak in dodii in order to understand you
you don't hear a sound beyond screen
with umbrellas oracle and Tvareg
don't call me the same stone
archaeologist writes Petcheneg


go with don't go song tralala
don't go don't give yes no yes
turn return rent in tent orthodox
good wind bless god

code triodyon period nonHerod the great
of master hymn land root knout eminence demand
winded hunted wine father monk
opted resting

pity of sins napkins airs
the rent saint to us glory belief in tongues
patriarch sea gull sprite gone
at Jesus real parade
let sing seen at you master
you interrupt voices  writings frights


drawing us as foam crowns
evening stars shadow us
you being the couple Ceyx Alkyone
I am the wind your father Lucifer
the theme of sorrow rejecting
sell after my death
the censers murmur
to paradise the new comer

gulls' diocese
burying us to sea
we renounce death
for burial
Trachinian to
Thracians daisy


I'm wheat peck me gull
more prayers than sinners
it starts from samsara to god
bird charm in song
imagine waves
in my place
the happiness of transformation
of sea in gull

black aurora
you look where agora
toward diaspora
you don't enamor
island Azore
alkyon adore


the prohibited gulls from these fluffs
reach me metamorphosis I ask them
do you want with new death other masks
they disappear far of from Erebus
running from sea sun spot await
young plaits cut in Maghreb
I both lived and died at ear phones
that even last ephebe heard me

I did read say of metamorphic stop
the children after Ceyx come you too
what mother Alkyone Gothic sun
oracles mother you don't go
storm yes to chaotic sonnet
in me an unhindu ash


no gull I'd care for parents
anyhow I mind nobody
as you kill me in Mehedinţi mountains
as I make feet to pampas over house
as grass on school wants endeavors
as flag on tent adopts scythe
as bodies are dead on carpets
as the sentiment isn't of terrace

I've as much air as to find out what I wrote
in insolation as for dream
to pass over virgin paradise
that isn't purgatory in action
with hell only no one step
of man winging waits for us


oracle or wind hand
of king's compulsion to drowning
queen may not be odalisque
in bird no discord no hemstitch
love punished until
autumn if passing throughout
wounded Lucifer sideways
you gull to peck'im ram

remained in mas the trouver ananas
with Naso into competition banana(s)
he'd swim at arms and shot
ravished in alkyonian cry
by other punishment contrabass
in a maidan orchestra


I'd have stopped when you chased me
both from singing and chattering
the sonnet full demijohn
the basement had reflected gods in pitch
convention prayed afion
of those in graves branch
they to whirl medicine in wound
that living wouln't do for us a gala

you spend your allay
not reading I don't quote
from metamorphoses nor gore
enough to you the Maltese falcon
at movie same old archaic wine
from verse also alone I blush


unsaid at end the timing salto
you're back to life a step above
the flying you chase chisel
for to the penguins it is plused
so in his memory and alto
you donated the statue and put you
under the gone Rialto's bird
I keep to the alkyon both ways

to heavy dipping answer
throw the shadow from zenith moira
the sea was to oracle shortcoming
how we had remained in Cairo
to pay us Ion Creangă
and if you would long Zaira


on road to sonnets ashes
be strewn in vast cellar
no strayed Tatar girl
at inn to them rekindle flame
Ovid to Gets on door
entering sadness sigh
we received them kings in wen
ovoid flight in pentagram

we were says among kins the phobic chips
walked by alcedas out of pity
Trachinia of Thracia a grain
another and humble Dacia
again you offend us anaerobic nose
in the Lucifer's night


I can't end what I didn't start
Petrarca Voiculescu in abstract
and I didn't passed through eros
in death's descent without act
crass suitor in flowers rut
in air on land in water jact
I give the gull for Menumorut
and no tomorrow or after per-tract

I compared them with sun flower
with no success  memory army
of posthumous love the fowls
through courts domestic wish their sbirros
as secretly alkyons love
the valkiries' queen


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