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Area Mioritic in Exile

Area Mioritic in Exile

And today when the smell of lamb tripe I remember our hills, valleys and mountains filled with flocks of sheep and sheep pens. I went to pick strawberries and wild strawberries that grew in abundance in the earth fattening sheep, then I gave each a hut in which we enter and observe things and curious objects the needful in daily and milk preparation. The poles hung side by side cheese and curd cheese that oozed from dice. Mom always went early in the morning at the market across the road blocks to buy fresh curd and cream. In spring, when the snows melted and snowdrops sprouted in the market appeared to shepherds sell lambs. It was crazy for a kid like me all this show that people's voices intersected voices chirping birds or animals. They were all haggled big fuss, to finally see people with happy faces and reconciled to gain a wholesome meal for Easter and supplies for shepherds, whistles and sandals new Bund and ornaments for shepherdesses.
We Romanians live for thousands of years in harmony with the earth. BEFORE WE Carpathian these lands frosts, (ask your Zamolxe which tells us that we are bound by the period of the gold of humanity). We came from eternity and go into it. Lucian Blaga declared Mircea Eliade them that we Romanians can not only be a minor crop "Romanian culture is a culture feat as" old adoptive »childhood." Of course the great philosophers of mankind judging the maturity of a nation through their academic perspective. But if we listen to what Peter tells us about a Ţuţea old Nobel laureate and the country - Before God, the old man's, and winner ferret, and he dies so we can conclude that there is an ancestral cultural maturity in ignorance Academic seen the man simply that the latter does not see or is not trained to recognize it. Ever gave anyone a PhD in ignorance? Ignorance is a paradox! The culture of a nation matures and by osmosis, is inherited from father to son, which is missing in the West due to the destruction of the family nucleus. Australian Aborigines have not written language. They transmit fifty thousand years oral culture through song and dance, through customs and tradition. Since forever parents grew up with grandparents and children, a mechanism by which culture was transmitted, or in the west are encouraged family members to live separately and independently, thus cutting the thread. Therefore, they in the West fragmented and specialized spaces and as such are broken evolving, maturing no time like the Mioritic. Today it pursues cutting the cord by turning new generations in good commercial asset.
Emigration of thousands of years have resisted and kept their identity, health just keeping contact through this cultural umbilical cord. All cultural traditions were carried by thousands of years, impregnated novel DNA as in times of tree trunk rings. I, in the West we survived because of my language and culture parents and my ancestors. A praying to God in my parents' language was immaculate dialogue with the Creator, while the English were a Shakespearian play - for me. Strength word in the language of parents has a healing effect. Romanian emigrants space they carried with them through their language Mioritic through food and music, the clothes and the new country's contributions to space. We have created new families, houses of culture, cultural and sports clubs, schools in Romanian, churches, newspapers and even libraries have set up programs and radio and television in Romanian. We organized exhibitions and festivals and went on rustic feasts inviting guests from other cultures. I kept in touch with the mother country through the Department for Romanians everywhere and I realized actions and exchanges with institutions at home.
As a true Romanian you can not miss Mioritic space. That would let yourself drift of time and ruthless times that, slowly but surely will uproot. For me, would be to amputate a part of my life and soul. You can live mutilated to death? There are some who say that they are Romanian and some believe them. They do not belong to this nation were planted among us and those who are ashamed because they are not quite lenient with themselves as cultural maturity to realize their nation, out of pride or community pressure intended to scarring or cultural development the saddest case marred.
In ballad Miorita shepherd who does not respond to violence with violence is showing great maturity and wisdom human umbilical demonstrates the eternal continuity and into eternal cut out the other two are but puppets of the time lived artificial, lacking divine and eternal. This maturity is seen in the diaspora in our homes of Romanian migrants by our parents and grandparents pictures in port and place the smile and the gleam in his eyes, in our song and occupations in attitude towards others in creativity and contribution in our society, in our thoughts and prayers.
Mioritic Space is every Romanian word that comes out of my mouth and then I feel protected. I'm at home with my parents. Area Mioritic is divine law of creation and continuity of life and people. Area Mioritic is the link between heaven and earth. Area Mioritic nature is perfection for me. When I opened my eyes to the mother's womb, he was inspired by God to create the earth with his Mioritic space. It's a lullaby, a waft the fragrance of a flower and a miss.
If it were not Romanian language much I would have died in exile.

Ben TODICA / 2017

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