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Chapter 4 in The Lab series: FEELING  For the first time ever in our Lab Series, Joan reveals the tools of Feeling that are central to The Technique! Investigate the same game changing approach that supports the heart and authenticity of the Emmy Award Winning Transparent. This Lab will teach you how to use movement, music, painting and writing to access the emotional core of your work. Discover how Feeling connects to Action and Rhythm, and use it to empower every level of your creativity! For writers, directors, actors and dps. Learn more here.

The Technique has Feeling... read what theTransparent team has to say!
“When Jim is shooting, he’s doing a specific technique we learned at Joan’s, where the camera is emotional. He is playing a playable action – just like the actors. And when I adjust an actor’s action, it’s always [with a] feeling verb about what the character is doing to get what he or she wants. I will make those same adjustments with Jim. I’ll shift his action and that will transmit unconsciously into the camera movement.”
(Emmy Award Winning Creator: Transparent)
read more from Jill here!

"Jill asked me to join her and the cast at rehearsals with indie filmmaking guru and consulting producer Joan Scheckel. The time spent was not about running scenes, but about exploring character, relationship and emotion - all with music and through movement... I was participating as fully as the actors were. That’s a treasure for a DP. And it was fantastic."
(Cinematographer, Director: Transparent)

"We work with Joan Scheckel [Consulting Producer] and one of the ways that she gets into character and backstory — without coming at us with a bunch of “intellectual” ideas,  is by putting us in a room together for two days...we have these physical and emotional interactions... what we get done feels like more than if Jill  had written a novel about us."
(Critic's Choice Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actor: Transparent)

“All of us on the team worked with Joan Scheckel on the emotional connections we all had as a family which is why it feels so much like family when you watch the show. Something happened to me during this process where I felt Shelly come through me. It wasn't a lot of intellectual work... it was experiential and about connection with the other people. She just began to come through me as we did Joan Scheckel's work.”
(Golden Globe Nominee for Best Supporting Actress: Transparent)
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