vineri, 24 noiembrie 2017

Scrisoare catre un amic

Respected Dr. George Anca Ji,

Today is Dhan-Teras, widely considered as the first day of 5-day long Diwali Celebration.

Diwali is a unique festival that cuts across boundaries of age, caste, religion, gender, social status, etc. We all celebrate Diwali!  

We celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps to remove darkness.

The story goes that residents of Ayodhya did so on this day to get rid of darkness of Ayodhya so Lord Ram could enter the town.

However, the key question is what about darkness within us? What do we do to remove it?

In this short poem, I pray to Prabhu Shri Ram to remove darkness within us and make our hearts His blissful abode, as He did by entering Ayodhya long time ago!

On this Diwali, I am delighted to send you a special Diwali Gift- the first issue of RamQuest- a magazine solely dedicated on Lord Ram. Enjoy reading

If you would like to get a printed hard copy, please send me your postal address, we will happy to mail you one. If you would like to publish an article in one of the future issues of RamQuest, please feel free to get in touch with me.

I would love to hear your thought on this poem.

Wish you a very spiritual and happy Diwali! And, happy New Year!!


Om Gupta

PS: Please feel free to share it with others by email or by posting on social media etc.

दीवाली की बधाई
आती है  जैसे हर सालफिर से दीवाली  आई है ।
बच्चोंबूढोंयुवकों के मन मेंदीप जलाने आई है ।।
मैं  भी  दीप जलाता हूँ,   उजियाला फैलाता हूँ ।
मन का दीप जले कैसे,  समझ नहीं मैं पाता हूँ ।।
करता प्रभु से यही प्रार्थनामन का दीप जला दो ।
मन को अवधपुरी मानोअज्ञान-तिमिर हटवा दो ।।
मिटे अँधकार मेरे मन काहो जीवन में उजियाला ।
शेष मात्र अब एक कामना, उर बसे अवध का लाला ।।
दीवाली शुभ मित्र आपकोहो मंगलमय सारा जीवन 
'ओमपड़ा चरणों में तेरेबसो आन तुम सब के मन ।।
-ओम गुप्तादीवाली २०१७
लक्ष्मी लक्ष्मी सब कहेंविष्णु कहे न कोय।
यदि एक बार विष्णु कहे,लक्ष्मी बस में होय।।

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