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-Respecting our town-


”...Cringila, is a suburb of Wollongong.

I have been living in Cringila since my arrival to Australia.

It was on 4 January 1980. Therefore, I know the place, its people and their preocupations very well. I can tell nice stories about everything that belong to my Cringila Village.

       In the past, the streets were not so clean like today. There was not so many green trees as today. The B.H.P-Company, our neighbour, together with local Cringila-s Community Co-operative Limited and local Government, helped to make a plan to urbanise our village. Now, at the wery entrance  on Avenue Street, the tourists can see a beautiful stone-gate, and read on it:





     It just inspired me to write a verse of poetry. Then, on the left side of road, you can see a wonderful restaurant, where on a sunny and hot day, you can have a beer, or have an icecream, or just a soft-drink.

      I ensure you that Cringila-town is a realy romantic place. There you can meet many nationalities. For exemple on my street, you can see families originated from: Poland, Lebanon, Turkey, Macedonia, România, Serbia, Croația, Italy, Malta, and all on a very short street.

       But, our street is a very happy one. The people help each other, and never start any arguments, only when the children break some window when playing footbal on street. The ocean is very close, but this year was not too hot, however, I can remembers some years ago instead, the people changed their habit, and went to the Library, or George-s Club, to play chess, and have a talk or a lunch.

          The majority of people from Cringila are employed at B.H.P - Port Kembla. Here I was working many years, giving to my family all oportunities for a good life.

            Cringila-town is a nice place for retired people,too, with its wonderful ”Community Park”. There are now lots of diferent native trees, the birds are singing their songs, a water pit has some flowers on it-s bank, and many benches arownd are settled under the shade of trees.

   Then, what the tourist will observe coming to our town should be, and the dark clouds of smoke, which sometime arise from furnaces. It is not out of attention of Wollongong-city Council, and there is hope to reduce the pollution in the future.


Ioan Miclău


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