joi, 14 noiembrie 2019


for Ioan Miclau (1.oct.1986. A.I.S)


Relaxed before my T.V. set,
I viewed a scene I can,t forget;
A silken voice in uncious tones
Invader of a million homes
Advertised, ”The Quiet Achiever”.

It left me feeling quite depressed
And angry at the words expressed,
Not knowing of the intent,
Not caring why vast sum are spent,
To boast of being ”The Quiet Achiever

What of the brave pioneering band,
Who ploughed and tamed this arid land,
They purchased not or sought for fame;
Neither did they make the claim
To be the ”Quiet Achiever”.

There is a family, that I know,
Strangers not so long ago,
Friendless on an alien shore
A new life ready to explore
To become ”Quiet Achiever”,

Alone, they come with name unsung,
Without comand of English tongue,
Unheralded by beat of drum,
Myriad hardships overcome
These ”Quiet Achiever”.

My thoughts expressed, sincere and true,
This country needs the likes of you,
You will not doubt my words deride
You have earnet the right to wear with pride,
The title of ”Quiet Achiever”.


Robert Turford

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