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EMINESCU by Aron Cotruş - version by George Anca

by Aron Cotruş

firm forefathers with slender paces
quick brave giddy haidouks
voivods givers of laws
brisk at thought brisk at dead
proud and stable princes
drunk of heavens
and archers
gians at paces
all soul of people
with depth’s depth
with woods uproar
with grasses’ perfume
with stags’ flights
with peak’s thrills
with blood’s laws
look at him alive as nobody else’s
measureless thousandfolded
in his somnambulistic creature
under his forehead’s Ceahlău
as from twin mothers
with thighs of flint
Ştefan-King and Mihai
brothers by blood
and by cloths
brothers by yathagan
and speech
with quick paces in uprooting
on untamed lightnings
riding through hurricanea
they popped
they were leavened
like from iron and from granite
and from magic blood
over age and with no end
in his creature of king
on jaunty and deathless roads
from Tisa to Bug and further on
from Maramuresh to Pind
from Panciovo to the great Sea
seized with boundless thrilling
with unbounded thirst of life
I wish like in fairy-tales to light for you
over present day
with million of sinewy and pious hands
candles like fir trees
so that in eternity
be known
by where they grow in struggles and toil
and fight and sweat
and bleed Romanians
namely by now to be known
who have you been
impetuous bard
in who all bells of people burn
fairy-like master
of golden bridges
over storms over darkness
peak of my rebellious song
grown under lightnings and winds of steel
song which today to you the one I bring
in idolatrous praying
as to a righteous immaculate voivode
from a grown old bald haidouk
with boots and blood and mud clod
who has broken through flint and stone
the hardest and longest path
drunk of heights and azure
with sight lightened eagle
along among posses armed to the teeth
with burning paces
in dust waistcoat in front of you to reach
haidouk once master of peaks and of Danube
today toward you without firelock without slugs
with quick steps nailed as if on spot by unseen pociumbi
ready for death ready for submission

with word like stone crabby
wanted to be to me
on roads of this hell and heaven mouth
you ready in stars
and in depths
in calendar by icy wind and fire
of my days

you whom the time up to heaven would build
through dreadful cnturies to come
in stormy heavings in daily works
over storms a Romanian Rome
over nocturnal mob of Thracian-Roman words
over its treasury in thousands and thousands places buried
over an imperial and tempestuous tongue
to our silance of ages like nobody ever
voice to give them you came

out of any new stubborn wound
torn off took out of you
in kindled flight
to boundlessness
for each a huge wonder wing

and today your song  flag in time’s wind
fly largely unvanquished
as high as thousand white Negoius
over precipice over storms in us

you did split with hot glance
with sight sharp like a sword
with hungry
on the watch ever
strata of darkness and bones
from the foundation of fogs and suns of my people
your eye wanted to see up to inmost depths

the mountains have let fall apocalyptically their stone armours
to be plunged adamant diver your sight
chaotic bad dream
from chasm to chasm
through their viscera where dogs of earth bark

blind crowds with zou of the same language
in writhngs more and more cruel
on your trace in bleedings and sloughs it changes
into a people who like you sees and hears

over your time’s rottn sloths and jpkes
new Adam
you splitted for this people
endless roads and you gave them a name
and songs as for world
beginning and ending

with living feather of eagle
or with a peak of spear-lance
I wish to write with flames your name in azure
on any hip o rock and on any lane

for that
for that
all those of your blood and law
know today and see for ever
that your heavy collapse
of peak hitted from above by a block star
like a bugle of hurricane made us
to heave up bold standing
with sights royal eagles seeing through glooms
with hot fists
on firelocks
with all roads running forward
with blood despot who doesn’t lie
changed as if by wonder at face
with daring foreheads
on the fly under storm toward a new life

Vallachian Dante your Majesty
in hunger which was savagely biting your body
like a villain fox
deeply hidden under your heavy coat
in the short passing by here
you ate sullenly in secret your heart
among rascals among dwarfs

Danube did never flow also for you
at least as much as for a thief of horses
didn’t thrill with its waters’ trouble
didn’t swing you on its wave’s paradise
or under fiery winds’ swords
neither a boat
and nor old  or white ships

Black Sea black and forgetful
Didn’t sent ever toward coast any vessel
to wait like for an empress for your sick heart
and like for a young emperor your boundless longing for departure

striving in boundlessness and high
porter with forehead in heaven porter of iron
you raised impetuously from depths sunken lonely
like a new wonder his country
you raised in sun over the world its crest
as no else did

among yours you passed pale forgiving and still
and yours with mind elsewhere didn’t understand you
who could indeed understand you by there
for them your stature was an ill deed

how could really cover
the mice
with their tiny sights
from foot to peak a mountain

by where you walked
torn up
by blend anxieties by grayish thoughts
all snowstorms hit you like a mountain

deaf storms open-muzzled
and met you
and under torn lightnings of your way
in rumble of chasm

with quick and cruel arrows
hit you directly
in forehead
and breast
living wing
over land
over song and air
head be to us from now onward
with harder and hoter step
in our terrible assault forward

out of blind and desert millions
out of deaf dead-seas
you have chosn you are chosing him for us
you have raised
and are raising him
over all others
over voivods and kings
over life over death
he alone
since the beginning

to his crepuscule without crepuscule
money less with no shield
by thousands and thousands of wounds worn out
he didn’t loose any battle
this new vigorous emperor Trajan
over a magic tongue
whirling emperor
who left to us
on his death bed
closed in a hurry in a book
monuments with heavy seals
as for thousands and thousands of lives

like eagle’s solar flight
his song
waved long ago like under unfold flags  penetrates
over boundaries terrible guarded to where
they will grow always removing like in dream to stones of frontiers
with lively soldiers
with new ploughs
with stormy songs with rosy bread
tremendous imperial Romanias beyond tomorrow

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