vineri, 19 iunie 2020

ITHACA 636 AȘTEAPTĂ-MĂ, Sultan Catto, Turcia-SUA

Wait for me//wait for me, time, you’re galloping too fast. /wait for me in the pages of this endless pain of biography, /in that shop of rare books, in the waters of the wild heart. /Wait for my arrival in my magisterial disguise. // Place those blindfolds back over your eyes, /re-open them in that void grander than life, /go re-read Rumi, that wise, far-seeing ant, /let him revolve your thoughts on a wheel of fortune, /let his beliefs get lost among your own.//Wait for me so you can comprehend in my utter silence. /Since the days of childhood, there is in me /an eternal desire to have never had two hearts.

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