sâmbătă, 25 iunie 2016


  Dear Friends,

For many months now, America has coerced NATO into conducting ever larger and ever more frequent war games on Russia’s borders. Why are they doing this? Are the western nations trying to force Vladimir Putin to retaliate, thrusting the world into a bloody Third World War, which NO ONE can win? 

On Thursday morning, while I was washing my breakfast dishes, the Lord gave me the title for this Newsletter—“WW3: Here It Comes!” Then he gave me the first paragraph, and when I finished washing, I sat down at my computer and began typing. That was when my wife told me a dear brother had emailed me a story from SuperStation95, which said America is on high alert: and she added that it could be preparing for World War 3. I knew for sure that God is warning us of this coming conflict.

And so I wouldn’t be influenced by that story, I didn’t read it until I finished writing this article. And after I’d written this Newsletter, and laid it out, the Lord told me to send it out this weekend. So, here it is. Brethren, we certainly do live in momentous times. 

God bless you until Jesus comes.


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