sâmbătă, 24 septembrie 2016

1st Melbourne International Christian Peace Conference

Our next speaker from Romanian community is:

Ben Todica, Radio TV Producer and Writer

Thank you dear friend Rev. Corin John Izvernariu!

Your Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen and distinguished guests,

I am honored to be here today!

I stand before you not as an expert, but as a concerned citizen, like millions of other fellow Australians who want peace in the world.

As a radio TV producer and writer, I collect and imagine beautiful stories to share with people. I try to explain and show the mystery of life, the things that can bring us together to attain lifelong happiness and love.

I believe that all of us desire peace and joy for our families and fellow man. It’s the fulfillment of our best commitment "to love your neighbor as yourself".

Every day we see news and undesirable events of violence and war crimes in the media: evidence of death and pain, destruction of homes and families, of countries and climate.

ONCE upon a time - wrote the Herald Sun - Australia was truly the carefree “lucky country” of our imagination. Now, with the Sydney event of Lindt Chocolate Cafe siege we walk on the edge knowing we are no longer safe from people who would do us harm.

Violence and terrorism are slowly spreading around the world, and drugs and disrespect for life and law take over people who lose their job, family and moral values. They are invading every sector of our life, poisoning not only the air, water, and food, but also our morality, ethics, and living standards.

None of this is rhetorical, none of this is hysteria; these are facts! The scientific community knows it, the industry knows it, the government knows it, and even our police and military know it. (See our military in Syria fighting terrorism).

My friends, we gather here today to face these difficult times, to find ways to convince the warmongers and greedy profiteers that life is not only about power, control and show off, selfish narcissism and domination.

Now is the moment to take action!

We need to bring to justice all of those who disrespect life and the well-being of our society. We need to heal the sick and care for the homeless, jobless and unprotected souls.

Peace must prevail, otherwise our civilization will collapse into chaos and violence.

The good news is that we can act through prayer - continuous prayer - permanently using our three great powers: the power of thinking, the power of emotion, the power of desire. If we learn to use these three powers we can move mountains, as the Bible says it.

When we step out of that door tonight we have two choices: to fight for war, or fight for peace. Choose peace, please! Be in permanent prayer and we will change the ones around us to live in peace.

To bring peace is not a question of politics, but a question of individual survival.
This is the most urgent of times and the most urgent of messages.

My dear friends, I write life stories from within my community and country. Please give me stories of peace!

The moment for us to bring peace is now. I beg of you to face it with courage and honesty!

Thank you! God bless you! God bless Australia!

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